Pablo Reinoso is a French-Argentine artist and designer. He was born in Argentina in 1955 and has lived and worked in Paris since 1978. Reinoso studied architecture but also has a longstanding interest in sculpture, photography, architecture, and design. 

Reinoso is known for his monumental public benches. The creation of the Spaghetti Bench (2006) propelled him to international recognition.  Reinoso seeks to reconsider the role of the object through his lively and audacious works. With these sculptures, Reinoso calls into question the concepts that take over the object’s original function and “exceeds its own nature,” making the public bench a place for meeting, conversing and for everyday life. 

Scribbling Benches begun in 2009, in this series he used steel beams as his starting point. This heavy item, invented to provide underlying structure for architecture, but is instead twisted like a string to create a bench and draw a light, transparent, contemplative space. 

A constant feature of his work is his penchant for endlessly questioning, subverting, using materials or objects against their grain, bringing opposites together, and playing with the limits of impossibility.