Palwer is a nomad by nature – currently venetian - with a training in sculpture – Life long experiences in French Haute Couture and a decade in the pursuing and in the creation of unique custom made jeweller. His works are both bold and theatrical pieces, mixing raw and precious materials with unusual proportions. Treated as sculptures, inspired by women attitude, flair and feminity. Created spontaneously from artistic gouache sketckes to sensual and powerful shapes. This collection evokes a journey. EVOCAZIONE is allowing the visualisation of forms, volumes, the touching and shaping of materials and their evolutionary process, until the birth of objets d’Art. Representing tribal symbols metting different african cultures and techniques, from Namibia to Tanzania. Every element is irregular, crafted individually with the artisans’ hands and passion, Each lost wax melted gold element has been blended on the carved ebony by following a precise preset rythm. Evoking ancestral tribes like Himba, Swati, Venda, Masa. The EVOCAZIONE collection is exclusively made for Carpenters Workshop Gallery in limited edition of 8.
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    • 2019
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