Vincent Dubourg
2nd Nov 2017 - 22nd Dec 2017
Monday - Saturday
10am - 6pm
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
693 Fifth Avenue NY 10022
New York

“A vortex whirls in a circular motion, it forms a vacuum, and embodies subjects to its action. In water it swirls but what happens beneath the water’s surface is hidden until it resurfaces elsewhere. If it explodes then it reconstructs, and what is absorbed into it is taken to another place. The idea behind Vortex is to take society, engulf it in a vortex and take it to a new planet and other ways of living.”
– Vincent Dubourg

For more than fifteen years, Vincent Dubourg has dealt with form and metamorphosis. Like a blacksmith, the artist draws on fire, air and water to shape the contours of his creation. In great urgency he draws, permeates and marks his objects, drawing from deep sources within his being.

Simultaneously a poet of form, artist and artisan, he guides his gesture to give voice. He expresses great admiration for nature’s genius and this incomparable model dictates each of his actions. From Dubourg’s workshop in Creuse, he creates organic, dynamic, and sculptural forms guided by the daily confrontation of nature’s beauty and the perception of time. His new collection is animated by a discreet movement, delicate pigmentation, and a breath of life.

Selection of Works
Vincent Dubourg

Vincent Dubourg’s is a French artist born in 1977. Dubourg’s sculptural furniture makes contemporary allusions to traditional methods of cabinetmaking. This evokes a nostalgic sense of the familiar, which he simultaneously distorts with his fresh approach to materials and techniques. 

Dubourg poetically fuses the crafts of glassblowing, wood-bending, and metal-casting to bring simple forms to life. In Napoleon A Trotinette, the solid form of a bureau is harmoniously combined with the graceful curves of bronze branches.

Dubourg’s designs introduce motion to stationary furniture. Vent Sur La Table whirls bronze and branches upwards as though freed from the constraints of gravity. Indeed, Dubourg offers a new perspective to furniture design, often subverting classic functional forms.

In Commode à Nouvelle Zélande, he flips a bar so that it rests on rows of up-turned glasses and bottles. Another piece in this series, Plancher à Nouvelle Zélande, sees shelves fly from the wall as if making an escape. 

Dubourg’s conceptual twists add a surreal element to traditional craftsmanship, though he never relinquishes his devotion for the search of perfection.

/ Moet & Hennessy Prize, Pavilion of Art & Design New York.

/ LVMH, Paris.

/ Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris.

/ Window display development of Galeries Lafayette, Paris.

/ Colonial Concept of a bedroom for the Princess of Morocco, Paris.

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Museum of Arts and Design, New York. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Musée de la Chasse et dela Nature, Paris.
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