Designboom - Mathieu Lehanneur sculpts ocean memories, crystallizing movement as ‘liquid marble’

carpenters workshop gallery’s paris venue presents an exhibition by mathieu lehanneur from now through june 22nd. ‘ocean memories’ is a continuation of the designer’s renowned ‘liquid marble’ series, and conjures a surrealistic vision of an ocean frozen in time. ‘the transition from solid to liquid can only come from the magic of physics,’ lehanneur says, ‘a moment of tilting from static to movement, a passage from the inert to the animated.’

simultaneously furniture and sculpture, ‘ocean memories’ tables, benches and stools emphasize a sense of energy, movement and strength. designed digitally and made from blocks of white and grey marble, and polished bronze, lehanneur’s new collection presented at carpenters workshop gallery captures the complex movements of waves, and attempts to crystallize movement in stone and bronze. lehanneur delves deeper into his exploration of the organic world, expanding the ‘liquid marble’ series to include works that hover between solid and liquid as though suspended in a state of metamorphosis.

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