Harry Nuriev is touring designboom inside his debut solo exhibition ‘Denim’ at Carpenters Workshop Gallery as if it were his apartment. He clicks on his phone to use his rear camera and begins to show us around his denim-furnished show which runs from March 4th to May 13th, 2023 in collaboration with Aurélie Julien Collectible. Once, he envisioned a room with furniture colored in hot pink. Then, he imagined an apartment full of denim furniture.

As he guides designboom, it’s clear that this idea has turned real. ‘The concept is a denim apartment. We live in our home in different ways now because our life has changed so much. I decided to embrace it and transform it in how I see it,’ he tells designboom. From gym equipment and a vanity desk to a very-spacious sofa and large dining table, everything is covered in jeans, accentuated by the gritty tears and scratches over the material.
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