CARPENTERS WORKSHOP GALLERY PRESENTS MAARTEN BAAS’ ‘PLAY TIME’ From 14 February to 13 May 2023, Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Los Angeles will host ‘Play Time’, Maarten Baas’ first solo exhibition. Unfolding as a retrospective of the dutch designer’s early oeuvres, the show celebrates his childlike signature style with acclaimed collections, including Real Time, Clay, and Close Parity, as well as introduces his recently finished work dubbed ‘Children’s Clocks’. Through his work, which is considered rebellious, playful, and intellectual, he seeks to find ways to deal with the phenomenon of time, and ‘rekindle the wonder of childhood within an adult environment.’ Somewhere between art and design, dream and reality, his creations exude a deliberate naivety and playful experimentation often worked in collaboration with children. For ‘Children’s Clocks,’ Baas worked with 720 children in the Netherlands and asked them to create 720 drawings illustrating the hands of these clocks. ‘As an adult you develop a lot of qualities. But hardly anyone can make a nice drawing. Yet, every child makes the best drawings time and time again. Their purity and originality is often better than any respected artist, ‘ shared the designer.
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