TL Magazine - Rising Stars: david/nicolas at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery

“The death of a star results in either a black hole or a supernova, here, death is only a transformation, it outshines everything else and evolves into a new life. It reminds us of Beirut, this city that was reborn over and over again, a place where time and space are different, where beauty is in the small things or even in the memories of it”, says Lebanese design-duco david/nicolas, made up of David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem. But what do outer-space and luminous balls of flaming gas have to do with furniture design?

David/nicolas’ inaugural show, Supernova, at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris, explores the concepts of time, death and regeneration through pieces of sculptural furniture. Inspired by their fascination for stars, the duo used a kind of collage of materials–stone, brass and wood–to create a body of work that is both functional and striking. The aesthetic builds on their typical retro-futuristic style with references to oriental geometry which is inlaid into the stone tabletops, overlapping circles that seems to allude to moon patterns as well Venn diagrams, antique furniture and ancient columns.

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