Wallpaper - A neo-romanesque church in San Francisco is home to the new Carpenters Workshop Gallery

In 1989, an earthquake destroyed San Francisco’s St. Joseph’s church, an architectural jewel built in 1913 that had subsequently been designated the city’s Landmark #120. The massive neo-romanesque structure was abandoned through the 1990s and 2000s until design impresario Ken Fulk rechristened it as the Saint Joseph’s Arts Society this fall after a multiyear restoration. True to the site’s impressive origins, the building has found its newest tenant in Carpenters Workshop Gallery, the contemporary design gallery, which opens today with an inaugural group show.

While San Francisco’s identity is inextricably linked with technology and forward motion, the recent addition to the art landscape nods at the city’s historic cultural identity with its classical space, one full of up-to-the-moment design.

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