Wallpaper - World View: Letter from California

Johanna Grawunder – the architect and designer specialising in lighting– has been working in an agile way for 15 years, having one studio in Milan and another in San Francisco’s SoMa district, with further team members in LA, Paris, and the Italian cities of Mantova, Veneto and Brianza. ‘I am very used to working across time zones and with email, WhatsApp, Dropbox and so on. The difference now is more a matter of mood than organisation. Sometimes, I might just need to wander out onto a hiking trail near my house. Often, when I get back, Italy or Paris is chirping in, and I can see more clearly.’

While her studio in Milan has paused its production, Grawunder continues to work closely with her Italian team from San Francisco, and she is busy with upcoming projects for Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Prototypes are being made virtually with 3D and animation programmes, so that ‘when production in Italy starts back up, we will be ready to go.’

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