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Ingrid Donat

“My approach is about imbuing bronze with warmth and vitality by using scarification techniques and visual motifs inspired by the high art of cultures and communities with which I come into contact,” Ingrid Donat. 

Ingrid Donat is a French artist born in 1957 to a Swedish mother and a Reunionese father. This cultural blend has shaped the singularity of her art and creative aesthetic, characterised by craftsmanship and a unique fusion of traditional techniques and Art Deco aesthetics. 

Raised in Sweden, Ingrid Donat returned to Paris to study at the École des Beaux Arts in 1975 where she met with Sylva Bernt who guided her in the field of sculpture. During the 80’s she became friends with the sculptor Diego Giacometti who encouraged her to create her own works. This kickstarted Ingrid Donat’s career in the art world and solidified her position as a pioneering figure for women finding freedoms through artistic expression at the time. Ingrid Donat has been an important figure in the design world for several decades and her collaboration with Carpenters Workshop Gallery spans over 15 years, cementing her status as a leading artist in her field. 

Ingrid Donat integrates sculptural practices into the production of functional pieces. She builds a vocabulary that is enriched by bronze, wood, parchment and textiles with patterns inspired by scarification techniques. Ingrid Donat’s work is rooted in the tradition of French decorative arts and the influence of her own diverse cultural heritage and the world cultures she encounters, while her characters and intricate patterns are influenced by the work of Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Armand-Albert Rateau. The harmonious integration of traditional techniques with contemporary sensibilities highlights the artist’s mastery of the soldering and engraving that adorn her pieces. 

Ingrid Donat has showcased her work in numerous prestigious exhibitions and fairs globally. Notable exhibitions include Dark Fantasy at Carpenters Workshop Gallery x UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles (2019), Rituals at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in San Francisco (2019) and Dysfunctional at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti Alla Ca’ D’Oro in Venice (2019). She has also been featured in fairs such as Art021 in Shanghai (2019), TEFAF New York Spring (2019), Design Miami/Basel (2018) and PAD London (2018). Earlier, she participated in Origins at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York (2016) and Retrospective Exhibition 10 Years of Collectible Design in Mitry-Mory, France (2016), which is where her atelier is located and the year she began working with Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Her extensive career includes exhibitions at Design Miami/Miami (2010), Sotheby’s at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire (2010) and numerous appearances at the Pavilion of Art & Design in both London and Paris from 2008 to 2014.  

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