By Loïc Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail

We are not interested in design.

Design per se is of no interest to us. Our energies are focused on a specific and rare moment when design becomes art: the inception of a new movement stepping into the debate of form versus function.

A year into our celebration of a decade of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, it feels like only yesterday we shared a tiny space in London and instinctively threw ourselves into this high-octane journey from a disused carpenter’s workshop.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery is a play, constantly demanding to be reset, in which we cannot help but be ourselves. Addicted to the creative process, we surrender ourselves to our yearning for poetry and emotion, which guide us in our artistic choices.

Beyond markets and trends, we seek our own timeless truth: every new piece must seduce both of us, stirring every atom of our minds and senses with an overwhelming desire to touch and caress it, providing a total and intense experience. As the first collectors of our editions, we select what we perceive as the best works from artists who we believe are the icons of their time.

In striving constantly rethink and improve our “ecosystem,” we built the Roissy Workshop as a home for an unrivaled team of elite artisans masterfully wielding cutting-edge and timeless craft. Carpenters Workshop Roissy, as a fertile ground for creation, allows artistic visions to be conjured up into works through the wizardry of craftsmanship.

As committed gallerists, we hold a mirror to artists, challenging their vision, all the while steadily building our haute couture market, ensuring rarity and provenance and relentlessly exhibiting our artists in our galleries, at fairs, and in museums worldwide.

Putting fears aside, we stay the course and look to the next studio visit with childlike excitement and wonder. Our choices will always be guided solely by our boundless drive and the crazy, playful approach of lovingly crafting the beautiful monster that Carpenters Workshop Gallery has become.

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