Crosby Studio designer Harry Nuriev likes to describe himself as a “transformist.” His modus operandi is to take everyday objects and transform them into something beautiful—Bic pens into chandeliers, say, or Ugg boot soles into a couch. And now, he’s debuting the latest object of his metamorphic desire: jeans. On March 4, the designer is opening his first solo show with the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, titled “Harry Nuriev: Denim.” As the name implies, it centers around the classic Americana material. But instead of showing it through the traditional form of a pant or jacket, Nuriev does so through domestic objects that are anything but traditional: a mirror, a dining table, a sofa, even a vanity table. The concept arrived as a result of his firm belief that one’s personal style should be expressed in a myriad of ways beyond clothes: “If you wear jeans and you love jeans, why wouldn’t you want it for your sofa?” he asks. “Why wouldn’t you have a sofa that doesn't match your outfit?” (The fashion world clearly agrees: Nuriev has collaborated with noteworthy brands from Balenciaga and Nike.)
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