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Batten and Kamp

Batten and Kamp is the collaborative art and design practice of New Zealand-born, Paris-based couple Alexandra Batten and Daniel Kamp. 

Since 2020, Batten and Kamp have been building a creative universe of functional sculptures drawing on influences ranging from science fiction to prehistory. The duos shared sensibility and unique aesthetic language come from the combination of the years they spent in the cyberpunk metropolis of Hong Kong and their childhood memories of the serene natural landscapes of New Zealand. Their works explore themes of progress, connection to the earth, and their personal sense of place. 

Carpenters Workshop Gallery is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with Batten & Kamp on their new collection, Titan. Rooted in the artists’ interests in nature and science fiction, reflecting their core memories growing up in the natural landscapes of New Zealand and the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, the collection will debut with a set of lounger chairs – Titan Lounger – Ice and Titan Lounger – Ash. 

Batten and Kamp have mounted solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Tokyo and exhibited in group shows in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Brussels, and Copenhagen. They were awarded the Design Art Tokyo Under 30 award and have created unique pieces for Art Central Hong Kong and the Palace Museum of Hong Kong. Their works are a part of the permanent collection of OMM Museum in Turkey. 

The duo and their works have featured HypeBeast, Design Anthology, ID Magazine, Architectural Digest, and many more prominent publications. 

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