Frederik Molenschot
Cl-fatamorgana / 2014
Limited edition of 8 + 4 ap
polished bronze, leds
CM H: 200 W: 250 L: 250
IN H: 78.7 W: 98.4 L: 98.4

The indefatigable Frederik Molenschot closely scrutinises the palpitations of cities. Metropolises seem
to be immense galaxies irremediably and endlessly criss-crossing. He feels the city’s threat and its great poetry deeply. At night in particular, when he is riding through the streets of Shanghai without brakes, lights appear then disappear in a random movement, the focal point of which is his own perception.


Inspired by this intensity, Frederik Molenschot has invented an impressive light that would not be out of place in a palace in the Age of Enlightenment. This far-reaching object requires the luxury of space, haloed with golden glints that invites emptiness and creates a poetic drunkenness. To create it, Frederik Molenschot worked with bronze for the first time, using an ancestral technique for its finesse and movement. The piece took three years to make and was made possible thanks to the subtle collaboration of the foundry. The way they approached the materials, the shaping of the wax mould to reproduce a faithful print of the hand gestures won him over. The structure is both complex and sophisticated, a sinuous curve rolled up in the space punctuated with reflectors. The piece is evidence of Frederik Molenschot’s capacity to express his feelings with precision through an artistic gesture in space. This hanging structure suggests risk-filled wanderings through the twisted city. Citylight is the metaphorical expression of the incomparable energy of a city where meaning goes off the rails.


The designer’s project expresses an urban emotional cartography; it is the manifestation through the object of the impossible representation of the spirit of the place.

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About the artist
Frederik Molenschot

Frederik Molenschot was born in 1981, is graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, currently works in Amsterdam, and is part of the Dutch Design Movement. His degree was earned with studies in man and public space and he focused on connecting people and their environments. 

The founder of Studio Molen, Molenschot is a blur of constant energy, forever creating and developing new ideas and inspiring people. Molenschot crafts his work by hand and displays incredible diversity. He has a deep interest in the artificial and natural elements of our surroundings. His aim is to transport the viewer’s senses to a new level. 

Molenschot is best known for his cast bronze lighting structures such as his body of works City light which he hand-shaped into detailed formations to channel and direct light.  His work is inspired by city lights and the night sky which visualize a vision of a future city. 

He says, “If you’re an architect, your world is a building, a graphic designer works on a newspaper or a wall, while a landscape architect plays with nature itself. I try and draw all these worlds together and see what happens when they meet.” 

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