Ingrid Donat
Buffet Klimt Cinq Portes / 2017
Limited edition of 8 + 4 ap
bronze, brass
CM H: 111 W: 35.5 L: 175
IN H: 43.7 W: 14 L: 68.9

“Venice has always had particular resonance in my personal history and my imagination. It is the birthplace of great painters and glassblowing, but it is also a place emblematic of modern art thanks to the influence of Peggy Guggenheim and the artists who surrounded her- Max Ernst, Brancusi, and Calder… I therefore hoped to design a piece of furniture that one of these great patrons would have commissioned and used to display their collectibles or jewelry. I conceived of this sideboard in bronze patina as like one of those invaluable pieces of furniture that Giorgio Franchetti would have used in dialogue with the paintings of Mategna or Boccati.

More than a functional object, this piece is intended in effect as sculpture-furniture, able to contend with the Byzantine or Renaissance works that one finds just about everywhere in Venice, as with the sculptures of Jean Arp in the Guggenheim Museum. Its golden patina of course reflects the Ca d’Oro- the Golden Palace - while its filigreed facade was inspired by Venice’s stained-glass windows and the gilded Burano lace that was used to create Carnival masks.”

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About the artist
Ingrid Donat

“My approach is about imbuing bronze with warmth and vitality by borrowing scarification techniques and visual motifs from tribal societies,” says Donat.

Ingrid Donat is a French- Swedish artist born in 1957. Donat trained at École des Beaux Arts and later she met with Sylva Bernt, who instructed her in the art of sculpture. During the 80’s sculptor Diego Giacometti pushed her to start creating her own furniture.

Now, Donat currently stands as one of the most influential living artists in Decorative Arts. Her sculptured bronze furniture pieces exist as a symbiosis between the sophistication of Art Deco against the force of Tribal Art. Her creations take a painterly approach to the weighty medium of bronze. 

Donat draws upon a diverse range of decorating influences including tribal tattooing. The works of Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and Armand-Albert Rateau have inspired the characters and intricate patterns in her art. Donat crosses time without ever anchoring herself in the trends of the moment.

She expresses a universal language as in the era of the first civilizations. Her timeless work needs to be seen and touched to be truly understood.

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Furniture”. London: Thames and Hudson.

Art of the Twentieth Century, New York, USA.
Fondation Louise T Blouin, London, UK.
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