Anton Hendrik Denys

Belgian designer Anton Hendrik Denys was born in July 1990. After living in both the Netherlands and the United States, he returned to his native Belgium to establish his practice. Anton’s architectural background and natural affinity for trends are omnipresent in his overall work.

With an instinct for intriguing materialities, Anton has a sense for combining the familiar with the unexpected. Often minimal and geometric in shape, his objects exhale a substantial knowledge of material properties. While balancing different techniques, his experimental approach leads to surprising results.

For example: The project Self Reflect allows us to observe ourselves in our everyday life, similar to Caravaggio’s painting of Narcicus. By undertaking an extensive research, Anton Hendrik explored the material properties of stainless steel. His quest resulted into a gradual reflectiveness and fluidity of colours in the material, bordering the romantic atmosphere of Caravaggio’s painting.

Ultimately, the urge to transform mundane objects into refined everyday spectacles leads Denys to continuously redefine his everyday surroundings.

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