Charles Trevelyan
16th Mar 2017 - 5th May 2017
Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
4 Albemarle Street - W1S 4GA


Carpenters Workshop Gallery is pleased to announce ‘Aspects’: its upcoming exhibition with Australian designer Charles Trevelyan, running from 16 March to 5 May at the gallery’s London space.
For close to 10 years, Charles Trevelyan and Carpenters Workshop Gallery have worked together, first exhibiting the designer’s work in 2008. In this exhibition, the designer will be showing the full range of his oeuvre, from his Stance pieces to his Tripartite series.

Charles Trevelyan works closely with the gallery, particularly on the finishing of his pieces. At the gallery’s Roissy research and development centre, just outside of Paris, a team of artisans use a time-intensive, skilful technique known as patination in which they paint chemicals onto the surface of the bronze and quickly apply strong heat using a blowtorch.
Variants of the chemical combination and the heat applied can completely change the appearance of the bronze. As a result, Charles Trevelyan’s works show the full range of possibilities of this process with their spectrum of colours and textures.


In this series of side tables, each piece boasts bold, expressive lines, reminiscent of trees and roots, influenced by natural characteristics. On closer inspection, each piece has its own unique texture, creating both a functional piece and a unique, artistic experience.


The collection of just taller than human-sized lamps feature bronze and patinated bronze pieces, allowing the light to play off of the surface’s different finishes, giving an individual voice to each piece. The works’ tribal or supernatural-like qualities are impossible to define, existing only in the imagination of the artist.


The piece’s title meaning, “facing upwards,” tempts the viewer’s gaze downwards, at the desk’s legs, or roots. The desk takes on a life of its own, drawing from the natural world and giving the piece a sort of muted wildness. The desk features unique hidden spaces for storage, built within the desk, showing the designer’s observation-based functional and artistic design.

Selection of Works
Charles Trevelyan

Charles Trevelyan was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1974 and has lived and worked in London since 2000. His functional sculptural works fuse natural references with structural elements and use a variety of materials, such as bronze, aluminium, timber, resin and marble.

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