Martin Laforet
Inside Out
By Appointment Only
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
4 Albemarle Street - W1S 4GA

London, United Kingdom: Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents the first ever solo exhibition by the French artist Martin Laforêt. Inside Out features ten limited-edition objects combining the mould as part of the piece, and blends concrete with oak and bronze for the first time.

Julien Lombrail, Co-founder of Carpenters Workshop Gallery comments :“We’ve been working with Martin since he graduated and are proud to see him mature into an incredible designer. We feel fortunate to host his first solo exhibition and can’t wait to share his new works inLondon from January and at PAD Paris.”

The relationship between materials is a main feature of Laforêt’s work. In his oak and concrete monumental lamps and coffee table, the two materials react with each other to give them their unique character and colour.

The bronze collection has been completed using the lost-wax casting technique with the edition of console and side tables as well as several floor and table lamps. Laforêt integrates the concrete moulds as part of his design which form the base of the pieces.

Laforêt comments: “My practice moves simultaneously between cast and mould, lending a poetry to the contrasting materials and preserving the intimate relationship between them. It allows you to see the fill and the void, the inside and the outside, the positive and the negative.»

Laforêt graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and has been represented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery after they discovered him at a graduate show in 2017.

Selection of Works
Martin Laforet

French designer Martin Laforet was born in July 1991. Raised in Paris but now living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Laforet creates objects and furniture. His work does not follow any specific course of conduct, yet one can easily discover his overall use of techniques and interest in materials.

Inspired by artisan skills and the intelligence of the hand, “My work is an attempt to bring out the specific personality of materials and to produce original shapes. I search for a self-expression often inspired by my current interest in shapes and material combinations. I like objects attached to the domain of sculpture, industry, and architecture.”

Laforet’s first collection ‘The Mould Objects’ was created with molds that were used as casts but also incorporated into the final piece. “The interplay between the inverse mold and positive form lends a poetry to the industrial construction materials I use, which includes concrete, aluminum, wooden shuttering, and steel rebars.”

The objects created by Laforet are inspired by precast concrete blocks. Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or form which is then cured in a controlled environment, and transported to the construction site.

As with these precast blocks, ‘The Mould Objects’ were shaped both by their function and molding constrains. This technique relates the objects to the domain of industry and architecture. The origin of the objects’ concrete blocks look ambiguous, it can be difficult to discern if these blocks have been either made for the objects or have been collected on a building site.

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