Ingrid Donat
11th Nov 2016 - 17th Dec 2016
Monday - Saturday
10am - 6pm
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
693 Fifth Avenue NY 10022
New York

Celebrating a year since the inauguration of the new Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York, the gallery will hold ‘Origins’ a retrospective of Ingrid Donat’s work.

The exhibition coincides with the launch of a monograph dedicated to the artist’s work. This is the first in-depth study of Ingrid Donat, and it is written by acclaimed decorative arts author Anne Bony with the input of renowned interior designer Peter Marino. The monograph takes a look at the last 30 years of the artist’s career as it explores an analytical perspective of her series including her most recent work.

In this long-awaited exhibition, the gallery will unveil new works by Ingrid Donat as well as showcase pieces that demonstrate the evolution of her work over her 30 year career.
Ingrid Donat became interested in sculpture during her foundation studies at Paris École des Beaux Arts. At the time, she was side-tracked by the responsibilities of motherhood, and it seemed impossible to juggle both. Yet, it was not long before she saw her artistic tendencies as a feasible career choice.

Ingrid Donat was always creating; she first made lamps as presents for friends and family before eventually creating larger pieces of furniture for the house. When her children were older, a friend encouraged her to sell these works. It was the overwhelming response from this first sale that convinced her that she could turn this talent into a career.

Over these first three decades of her career Ingrid Donat committed herself to continuous technical improvement, material sourcing and historical research into the artists and designers who inspired her. This exhibition will show the variation in her sculptural designs and the wide range of materials and techniques that are employed in her oeuvre.


On the occasion of the exhibition ‘Origins’, Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Éditions Norma have the pleasure of announcing the publication of the first monograph devoted to Ingrid Donat, in bookstores November 2016.

This coffee table book looks back over thirty years of creation by this exceptional designer. From her most recent series – ‘Tribal’, ‘Klimt’, ‘Cisco’, ‘Engrenages’ – to her first sculptures, nearly 200 illustrations permit the reader to plunge into the extraordinary universe of Ingrid Donat.

Anne Bony, a noted author in the decorative arts, examines the influences that have marked Donat’s work, from

André Groult and Armand Rateau to Diego Giacometti. She analyzes the different series and their sources – African and Tibetan among others.

Peter Marino, an acclaimed architect and collector of Ingrid Donat’s works, explains in his preface his fascination for the work of one of the greatest contemporary creators.

Selection of Works