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Bruno Rousseaud

For over twenty years, Bruno Rousseaud has chosen the world of cars and machines as a space for artistic investigation. He extracts their physical components to build falsely familiar artworks, separating the object from its associations and recontextualising license plates, windshields, tyres, and mirrors in the bodies of his sculptures. 

Aesthetics and semantics are closely related in the automotive world. Rousseaud mythologises his interpretation of these symbols, becoming the focal point around which his translation pivots. He dissects urban attributes and behaviours, questioning messages that are readily macho, sometimes aggressive, often derisory. His sculptures operate with a terse conciseness, playing on an economy of language also often associated with masculine characters. Their commonality reveals an overall philosophy: there is a rebellious, subversive spirit and an unconditional freedom that only the automobile, the last space of urban freedom according to the artist, can still offer. 

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