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Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019) is globally renowned for his cutting-edge, aspirational and relevant approach to style. As one of the most celebrated fashion designers of the 21st century, his visionary creativity expands beyond fashion to include illustration, photography, interior design and publishing. In addition to be the creative director of the Chanel and Fendi fashion houses, he is also overseeing the creative direction of his signature brand, KARL LAGERFELD.

Lagerfeld’s Architectures series for Carpenters Workshop Gallery, completed in collaboration with architect Aline Asmar d’Amman, was the only collection of sculptural works he presented across his myriad career. In this show evoked a contemporary architectural landscape with Greek origins, the unique pieces combining the precision of canonical proportions born from the use of the golden ratio and the most noble material, marble.

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