Johanna Grawunder
Big Sky
3rd May 2012 - 31st Jul 2012
Monday - Saturday
10am - 7pm
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
54 Rue De La Verrerie 75004

In Texas, there is some big sky. It is part of a romantic landscape that serves as a backdrop for that part of American cultural heritage defined by austerity and hard, strong gestures. American minimalism and industrial ingenuity/machismo are phenomena that are complicated and nuanced. But they are also, essentially, informed by American landscape visuals: big sky, vast rolling hills and endless fields. / Johanna Grawunder

Johanna Grawunder creates minimal, luminous pieces of functional micro-architecture that express her passion for modern architecture as her credo is: light is architecture’s muse. This show also reveals her passion for the observation of nature and the infinite irisations of the sky.

Through projection, the beams shine from a box and produce a filtered and structured surface; through diffraction, the light recreates the colours of the rainbow on a fragmented and sculptural surface; through propagation, the rays escape through the cracks; through reflection, creating a mirrored effect; through interposition – an opaque glass softens the effect…

Johanna Grawunder is an architect and designer, and splits her time between her native California and Italy where, while working with Ettore Sottsass from 1985 to 2001, she learned more than just style, she gained a vision of the design process as a whole. Johanna Grawunder is a designer of light. Her approach is subjective; her non-allusive shaping invites us to look!

Selection of Works
Johanna Grawunder

Johanna Grawunder was born in 1961 in San Diego. Grawunder is a designer and architect based in Milan and San Francisco with a team of craftspeople in northern Italy. She is known for her monumental light installations. In addition to light installations, her practice includes minimalistic architecture and interiors, limited edition furniture design, and mass-produced pieces. Rather than being composed of light bulbs, Grawunder’s chandeliers are made from fluorescent tubing. 

Her modernist designs pair with the resulting simple production and energy efficiency to redefine luxury in the present age by highlighting the fact that there is no greater luxury than for life, art, and the planet to continue to exist. Indeed, Grawunder’s aim is to create works with longevity in a disposable era. To this end, she employs thoughtful and skilled craftsmanship methods.

Grawunder often uses energy efficient mass production techniques and materials, such as polished stainless steel, steel cables, and her signature painted metal. Through light, shape, and color she reveals the beauty of these basic materials. Grawunder’s light installations have also been exhibited on the roof of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

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