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Skyler DeYoung

Skyler DeYoung, born 1994 in Los Angeles, CA, is a third-generation artist, carpenter, and designer. His creative interests took shape at a young age after discovering the work of Italian designer Carlo Mollino and American architect Buckminster Fuller. DeYoung’s artistic process is greatly inspired by reimagined forms; exploring the various perspectives that can be manipulated into undiscovered configurations. This process of exploration creates a rich foundation upon which DeYoung builds his work.

DeYoung has always appreciated the art of collaboration. He has worked with The Full Belly Project, a non-profit organisation based in Wilmington, NC, that fabricates labour-saving devices to improve the livelihood of developing communities. DeYoung developed mechanical tools that streamline agriculture and designed vital recycling programmes to aid refugees. In 2015 and 2016, DeYoung was an exhibiting artist at the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s annual Print Big Festival. Most recently, his site-specific installation was showcased at THE SKATEROOM’s What Are We Skating For? exhibition, 2022 (Brussels). DeYoung was also a sponsored skateboarder for Reggie Barnes’ Eastern Skateboard Supply Incorporated.

DeYoung attended the Art Center in Pasadena, CA, and the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, where he studied industrial and product design. DeYoung has a true passion for furniture design, a space where art and carpentry meet. A happy connection led him to a position with fashion and design icon Michèle Lamy.

DeYoung currently lives and works in Los Angeles and Paris, France.

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Skyler DeYoung
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