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Scarlett Rouge

Currently living in Los Angeles, Scarlett Rouge splits her time between California and Paris, France. She completed her BFA in Photography in 2002 at The California Institute of the Arts. After deciding it was too “sunless in the darkroom”, she transitioned to painting; later completing her studio studies in installation art.

Rouge’s interdisciplinary practice echoes her nomadic life, which has been influenced by mythos, geographical settings, and navigation between cultures. A disciple of ‘art as the new religious movement’, she infuses her distinct playfulness across artistic expression. Utilising symbolic language, she reconstructs archetypes to fit our present-day ethos in an effort to create a therapeutic framework that touches the secular nature of our modern souls.

Pulled by the threads of mysticism and the power of symbols, Rouge’s art practice is a fusion of her love of storytelling and her interest in metaphysics. Inspired by the teachings of Jung and Campbell, Rouge views the artist’s function as a form of a modern-day shaman. Considering age-old inquiries such as “What happens between death and birth?” or “What is the impetus of meaning?”, she uses video artworks such as Magic Trauma Sprinkles, 2009, and Beyond the Walls of Eden, 2018, to propel the artist and social “outsider” to question the traditional ties that separate archaic and contemporary society. Whether using the Internet as a platform for her performance Sex, God, and Webcams, or in her self-styled ‘movable murals’ Oxy – Morans: We cannot Fight for Peace, 2013 and Shit Show: The Drumpf Years, 2018, Rouge uses art as an anthropological discovery and a method to reflect upon political discourse.

In all her work, Rouge remains driven by an intuitive need to reconnect Spirit to Matter, by a longing to understand the true meaning of Love, and by a need to explore not only what things are made of, but also to uncover the invisible energy and the emotive drives that further existence. Rouge’s work is featured in several publications, including Interview Magazine, Flair Magazine, I-D Italia, Icon Design, The Wall Street Journal, StylelikeU, What’s Contemporary, and Dossier Journal.

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