The Graduate(s)
European Design Talent Selected By Lidewij Edelkoort
4th Sep 2017 - 23rd Sep 2017
Monday - Saturday
10am - 7pm
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
54 Rue De La Verrerie 75004

Carpenters Workshop Gallery is pleased to announce its collaboration with design curator Lidewij Edelkoort to highlight young talent gathered from Europe’s best design schools. The exhibition by Carpenters’ London gallery in Mayfair is offering a platform to graduates as a steppingstone to promoting and producing their work.

As a renowned trend forecaster, Edelkoort has a proven record with finding creative talent that reflects the zeitgeist. She has surveyed the work of recent graduates from more than 50 academies to formulate a final selection that defines a new organic design language which observes how- “A fresh generation of designers are investigating their identity and their roots – sometimes literally going back in history to uncover authenticity and primal instincts. They create hybrids between technology and touch, innovating materials, forging form and conceptualizing rituals for a humbler lifestyle fit for our ever-evolving times.”

The exhibition will unveil works from ECAL (Switzerland), Royal College of Art (United Kingdom), École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (France), Royal Danish Design Academy (Denmark), LUCA School of Arts (Belgium) and Design Academy Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

As Edelkoort explains, “A new form of archaeology emerges. Students catalogue this experience by creating new artefacts, remnants for living that are arranged as still lives. A true sense of exploring classic or ancient beauty, rendered in quick gestures and abstract patterns, sporadically using color in hushed harmonies. Furniture is therefore coated to look like stone, a post-fossil idea dreamt up for tomorrow’s Fred Flintstone. Amphorae resemble historical vestiges while bronze is cast into miniature monuments, decorating homes, composing collections and providing spiritual depth for the future.”

The exhibition is part of London Design Week and is located in the heart of the Mayfair Design District. An opening reception with Edelkoort will take place on Monday, September 18.

Selection of Works
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